Max Kivitis, new Master Student at RAM, University of Twente

We are pleased to welcome Max Kivits in the team, a new master student working in Optimal Control for Target Tracking with Multiple Robots.

Max joined the RAM lab in University of Twente in January 2021 and will collaborate with us for 7 months, under the supervision of Antonio Franchi, and will be closely interacting with Martin Jacquet.

Overcoming Pandemic Slow Moving

In 2020, we have undergone a global pandemic with a consequent economic crisis, and widespread social unrest.
These reasons in addition to the corresponding measures to deal with are unfortunately slowing down the experimental testing related to MuRoPhen. However, we are doing our best to overcome all the difficulties and moving on with the project objectives.
Stay tuned!

Martin Jacquet, new PhD Student at LAAS - CNRS

We are happy to welcome Martin Jacquet as a new PhD Student on Onboard Perception Methods for multi-robot aerial vehicles

Martin joined the LAAS-CNRS in the first days of January 2019. He will conduct his PhD studies within the RIS group, under the supervision of Antonio Franchi, he will explore the topic of onboard perception methods for flying and cooperative robots within the murophen project.

Dario Sanalitro, new PhD Student at LAAS - CNRS

We welcome Dario Sanalitro, new PhD Student in the Control of Multiple Robots for Observing Dyanmical Phenomena.

Dario joined the LAAS-CNRS, in October 2018. He will conduct his PhD studies under the advising of Antonio Franchi within the Murophen project, where he will study how multiple mobile robots can monitor dynamic phenomena with focus on the perception area.

Our accepted papers related to the MuRoPhen Project

Here are some of our publications which are relevant for the control investigation of mobile robots in observing dynamical phenomena.

Have a look for more details.

LAAS-CNRS TEAM has been selected for the MBZIRC 2020 Competition

With a great pleasure we would like to inform you that a LAAS-CNRS team has been selected for the second International Robotic Challenge which will held in Abu Dhabi on February 2020 and which has been organized by both the Khalifa University and the International Committee.

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